Why am I not using swedish horse feed? The answer is very simple. To me, the product has to be sustainable from seed to barn and provide the best possible nutrition for my horse. So to me there's only one current option, Saracen.


Saracen invests in the future by building trusting relationships and developing long-term partnerships enabling us to look beyond today’s profits and towards a sustainable future.


Saracen strives to deliver market leading products and operate in an environmentally ethical format.


Feeding a horse properly doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated as long as you keep your nutritional goals in mind.

The collaboration between Saracen and KER gives us the chance to consistently provide nutritional solutions with unique, progressive feeds that can make a real difference, along with the science to support them.


Tabequipe collaborates with Pia Prahl and Bonaviks Gård to

give you the best support in the Stockholm Area.




There is no greater luxury than sustainability

Choose with consciousness and be a part of gamechanger

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